Your mind is like a garden!

You have a choice in whether or not to till the soil.
You have a choice in what to plant, corn or weeds.
You are in control of the abundance of your harvest.

To Till The Soil

What do you feed your mind with? With hours of brainwashing television or reading books?
With surfing the internet or improving yourself and talk with mentors?
If we don’t till the soil, it doesn’t matter how good the seed we’ll plant, not much growth can be expected.

We are like farmers where it comes to our mind, do we invest time and energy in it to get the best soil possible?
Or do we leave everything by chance and just see if something will come up?

Like with anything in life, it all starts with you.

What To Plant

We can plant many seeds in our mind. The question is, what type of seed do we want to grow?
Skepticism or Optimism
Shortage or Abundance
Love or Fear
Faith or doubt
Self doubt or self confidence

It is an endless list of choices, but each choice has an impact. Each choice determines your future and the course of it.
Do you see what enormous power you have, if you’d understand the power of the human mind AND the full control you can have over it.

The Abundance Of Your Harvest

If you’d plant a seed and then ignore it from there on… you don’t water it, you don’t fertilize the soil, it would not be realistic to expect an abundant harvest.
But if instead, you’d put your heart and soul in nurturing the seed until it surfaces above the earth, then continue to nurture it, feed it, water it, your harvest will be an abundant one.

If you think a positive thought once but speak and think negatively the rest of the day, don’t expect positive experiences.
A negative mindset will not bring you a positive life.

The people around you are like the fertilizer, they can boost your growth. New insights from conversations, new goals from mentors, new skills from experts, new thoughts and emotions by choice, YOUR choice.

If we work our garden, our soil, our mind, to get rid of weeds, which are like the believes we have accepted as truths from others – but never were ours to begin with – we can harvest abundance.
Look around you, how often do you hear people complain all the time…realize it is exactly their own behavior (which comes from their garden) that is ensuring they experience what they experience.

That insight is SUCH a powerful one, it can be truly life changing. Awareness of your own thoughts, awareness of what truly are yours and which are the believes of others (parents, teachers, media, schools, peers) that we have a choice to believe or not…
the insight that we can choose what emotion to connect with a thought…the insight that our very own belief system is the big order form that is sent to the biggest warehouse ever, called the Universe…
The insight that we have to practice skills in order to develop them, to improve them until we finally master them.

What a joyous moment when you realize that you are the farmer, your mind is your garden and it’s up to you – and you have all that it takes – to harvest abundance!

Happy harvesting! 🙂