When observing people’s behavior, I can always see one of two emotions: it’s love or fear. Any other emotion is just a derivative of one of these.

Anger is an expression of fear.
Hate is an expression of fear.
Kindness is an expression of love.
Helping others is an expression of love.

Not too long ago when people were really rude to me, I felt like defending myself. That is behind me now though.

What really made a change was understanding that their behavior is just a reflection of the battle they are having with themselves. They simply chose to point it towards me. I have a choice to step in or walk away… well, not stepping in anymore.

I’ve been living fear based for many years in the past. Oh my, if I look back I just get why things happened to me. I simply manifested them by my thoughts of fear. Even the break up with the love of my life, it was my fear manifesting.

Personal development is such a powerful journey, it helps you to get rid of fear and make space for love. I’m not talking about the love between 2 people who want to grow old together, but love in general. Love for all people, love for yourself, the love for life itself.

And when we fill ourselves with love, gratitude comes natural. I find myself counting my blessings very, very often. Grateful for my children, grateful for my grand daughter to be (just 2 more months at the time of writing), grateful for the wonderful relationships with the life partners of my children. I’m extremely grateful for the house I live in, the people I work with, the experiences I am privileged to have… life is just one precious gift, one precious journey.

I hope to be around for at least 40 more years and I know, everything I’ve learned in the recent years will be so beneficial in getting most out of life. I feel it is my job to share these insights with others and am grateful (again!) that I just love to write.

This blog is such a wonderful platform to share my thoughts and insights with you. Some people may think life is just easy for me. Well, that may look like that right now, but trust me, I’ve been through hell and back on my way to get where I am right now.

The difference is that I finally figured out it is all about me and the thoughts I entertain. I try to keep negativity out of my life. Any challenge is an opportunity for growth and I just KNOW that no matter how big the challenge, I will get through it successfully. After all, I do have a 100% success track record on it…and so have you. 🙂

I choose love as my main emotion, I choose happiness as my gift to share. I choose to help people understand that it is vital to change their thinking in order to change their life. And I just love talking and writing about the topic.

Even with my kids there isn’t really one single time we are together, where we do not have beautiful deep conversations.

We have fun as well, make jokes, but there always is a deeper conversation. It is the best gift a parent could get from their children and I have the enormous blessing to have the very same relationship with their partners as well.

Love, it truly is the answer to everything.

So, in anything you might want to undertake, you always have a choice: you can act from love or from fear. Choose wisely!

With love,