In this article I’m going to show you how to scam people successfully. Really, anyone can do it, that is, anyone without ethics.

  1. Come up with a catchy name
    In order to draw attention we need a catchy name, something like Crypto Achievers. That should do it…people like to achieve and crypto is the new hype of the moment, if we’d consider the tsunami of crypto scams surfacing.
  2. No recruiting required
    The masses are lazy and don’t want to do anything to become a millionaire before breakfast.
    So, let’s tell them that we (doesn’t matter who ‘we’ are, most scam sites will not reveal that) understand how hard it is for the average guy and gall to recruit, so we have ‘cracked the code’ and this time the company will do it for you!
  3. Find a bogus product
    Easiest way is to simply have people invest money and call it they purchased advertising packs. Link to another site with a rotator showing all uploaded URLs. The masses will believe anything we’d tell them, so we will throw in a few URL of wellknown companies and they will all add there other get rich quick programs.
    Of course we will have them ‘click’ a number of sites on a daily basis to give them the false believe that people are actually looking at THEIR advertised website. They will believe it is real advertising, and we will not tell them it is only members looking at other member’s sites.
  4. Option 2: let’s invent a new coin.
    Just for fun and because the sheep will buy anything we’d tell them.
    The coin needs a name….we’ll come up with one over a few beers….right: it will be the Enigma.
    Then we will tell them we have premined it and they now have a chance to get in early for just pennies on the dollar.
    It is going to be the direct competitor of Bitcoin as we have learned from the mistakes that Bitcoin made and we miraculously have done so much better.
    The dumbtards don’t understand blockchain, so we can double, triple, half or quadruple the value in their back-offices as we please. Let’s tell them that we have a whole bunch of other companies that back the value of the Enigma and will also accept it for payment at a point in the future.Of course we will wait with listing it on Coinmarketcap until the supply is big enough to replace Bitcoin in the market space.
    (The things these fools believe! lol).
    Then we also must make sure they think they will be able to sell their Enigmas on an exchange platform. Noooo, not an external one, we can’t control that. We simply build another crappy site, add an SSL certificate to it and give them the impression they can exchange their Enigmas into Bitcoin.
    We can then maximize the number of coins they can sell per day//week….let’s make that dependent on the size of the package they buy. (more about packages later on).
  5. Packages
    We would need to sell packages of education. There is plenty on the internet we can grab for free and then sell for insane amounts. If we’d promise them 5% per day, they will mortgage their houses in order to get into the highest packages.
    No limits there, when greed takes over with these braindead folks, they will invest $100,000 easily.
  6. Commissions
    Most important part here is to pay them a percentage on new packages (investments in reality, but we won’t use that word).
    If they smell 10% on another $100k, they would chase their grandmother to invest her life savings.
    Add in a matching bonus and with our statement that the company will build their business, they will come in by thousands.
  7. Daily profits
    On the daily 5% we would only require them to reinvest 50% and have 50% for withdrawal. Initially that should work out fine.
    We can find a crappy payprocessor for pay outs. For pay ins we will only accept bank wire and bitcoins, that will avoid disputes and refund requests.
  8. Growth
    If accounts in backoffices of the sheep will grow nicely, they will continue to bring in other sheep.
    But once that starts slowing down we will use the Ddos attacks, payprocessor can’t handle the magnitude of new signups to stall payouts for as long as possible.
  9. Worst case scenario
    Worst case scenario is when we won’t be able to pay at all. Let’s agree that that will be the case when our cash and BTC would drop under $3 million. After all, we have bills to pay.

Then let’s get in touch with a few of the ponzi pimps…you know them, they will jump into anything if they can make a percentage on larger investments. They will get entire networks to follow them, so it’s easy money for them.
We don’t want the ethical guys to build it, that won’t go fast enough and they might alert their down-line.

Anyone talking negative about us, we will simply call them haters. That always works. Our sheep will happily repeat that, praying and hoping they will some day see that magical number in their back office on their bank account. Too bad for them that won’t happen, but our balances will nicely grow.

As you can read, it is really that simple to scam people.

I do hope you’d have spotted the high level of sarcasm here…and if you’d recognize a thing or two about the alleged opportunity you are in right now, well…perhaps time to simply walk in opposite direction and start education people, including your own network.