On a regular basis I talk with people who became inactive or hardly active ‘because they are under the wrong sponsor’.

‘Help, my sponsor isn’t active’

I don’t want to be the party-pooper, but isn’t it time to wake up and smell the coffee?
Your business starts with YOU. You alone are responsible for its success AND its failure.

Especially if you’ve been around a few years, this is just a lame excuse to NOT take responsibility.

There are many, many successful marketers who did it ‘on their own’.

‘But you cannot do without the synergy in the group’….ehhh, you can’t do without the synergy in YOUR group, the one that you build yourself. And it is for exactly this very reason you shouldn’t start with signing up just anyone.

You want to build with builders, people who know what collaboration actually means instead of just being able to spell it properly.
You want to work with people who love the dreams of their signups more than their own.

It’s of no influence if and what your sponsor does. If you are fortunate to have a sponsor who has focus AND ethics AND communicates, then that is a bonus. Most of the time however, it doesn’t work this way.

If you are clueless HOW to build a team, how to teach them to teach, then be willing to find a mentor or a proper course (I only know of two of them on the market that truly work and are completely opposite from what you learn in the traditional MLM’s – one in Dutch and one in English).

But stop that freakin’ blame game. Shuffle the cards and be accountable for how YOU play it. Not your sponsor, not your team, but only YOU.

Winners don’t blame, winners observe and improve.
Winners put time and energy in developing the correct skill set.
Winners work with their team (no matter the size).
Winners don’t care how other teams function, they set the culture within their own group!

Winners most certainly don’t expect their sponsor to fill their down-line. If it happens that is a bonus, but rarely happens.

Everything happening in your life starts with YOU and only you!

Look deep inside and dare to answer the question what is really stopping you.
Do you allow yourself to be successful? Do you allow yourself to soar?

I had a good sponsor in my very first biz opp, unfortunately it turned out to be a money game, a ponzi…I still was naive back then. 🙂
After that, nope…had to do it myself and I did it myself.

Now, about 6 years after I started, I’ve built the training my group needs to learn the skills and in the coming weeks and months will add lessons on how to build your business online. So both online and offline are covered.

Be honest, it was never your sponsor who determined your success or growth, it always has been you.
It has been a valuable lesson one of my mentors taught me: never let anyone but you determine the pace of growth of your business!

If you’d need answers about the mechanics of the marketing plan, go up the line or even submit a support ticket.
But never use it as an excuse. Start doing, learn the details along the way. 🙂