After 2 years of talking about it, the time now has come to bring it into reality.

Many of you know that I’ve always taken a stand against the blatant scams that cause so much damage to the beautiful profession of network marketing. It really is no wonder that so many believe MLM is the equivalent of fraud and scam.


It is time to change the game.

Since I really believe in the principle of ‘give more, get more’ and love to educate people, to add value that help them move forward in life and in their business, the basic training will be totally FREE OF COST.
You read that right, you’ll pay absolutely nothing, zero, nada, zip and will gain basic knowledge that helps you identify obvious red flags in any business opportunity. You will have the knowledge to give a well founded ‘NO’ to whoever pitches you.

On top of the basic training there will be an advanced training, where we’ll go into depth about required licenses for certain products and services, but also into the MLM cryptocurrency arena.
Now, I’m standing up against the scammers (both intentional and non intentional) and in no way have the goal to make this course my personal get rich quick scheme. So the price for this advanced training will be for grabs, only $59 as a one time payment.

And it does not stop there: On a regular basis I will do a LIVE REVIEW of a business opportunity that you will be able to attend. The recording of that review will be made available in your backoffice so you’d be building a nice library of reviews.

The live reviews are available in a subscription based model: $17,50 per month, $175 for a full year’s access.

We will give you an Early bird advantage if you’d purchase the full course plus 6 months subscruption BEFORE the go live date on August 1st:

$99, that’s it.

That is over $60 discount. Talking about easy money!

Now, let me make perfectly clear that this course is NOT to bash network marketing in general, plenty of those sites available online, but that is not who I am, not what I believe in, not what I stand for.


I have no intention to become the next trolling site. If a business opportunity has a sustainable model and meets all the requirements for being legit, they will get a positive review!

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