Communication, a lost art. It really has become that.

We live in an era where people across the table even text each other. Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger…the number of messages sent on a daily basis worldwide is just insane!!

I really don’t like Whatsapp. The number of notifications of groups I’m in is driving me nuts so I tend to switch of notifications and very often don’t read at all.. until I decide to leave that group. If you have something you think I should know, talk to me. Messenger also offers the possibility to call me.

I already noticed this back in Corporate life: very often I told my team to put on their walking shoes and go TALK with a colleague in another department instead of sending emails. You’d be surprised how much more is getting done/ agreed on while having an actual conversation.

Network Marketing

In network marketing it very much is the same. Let’s take Facebook as an example:

Facebook is great to network, to connect…but in order to more effectively grow a business you’ll need to actually talk with people.

Very often people tell me they send XYZ the link because the person asked for it. Then stops responding any messages.
You could have avoided this by actually having talked to XYZ.
In a message people will ask you for your link just to be ‘done’ with you. They are sending you into the woods.

In a conversation there is no time for them to prepare a desired response and if your communication skills are right, you can make people tell you anything you’d like to know about them…their hopes, dreams. That is your starting point in getting to a call to action.
So get people on Skype or phone or even messenger asap if they live further away, otherwise go have a coffee with them and TALK, connect!

With the art of communication you will never have a sales call anymore, you will simply have genuine conversations with people. Conversations in which you’ll find out if and how you could be of service to them to help them get what they want.

Show and Tell

Too often I hear leaders say they message their new sign ups regularly but no one seems to do anything.
Duh…stop messaging, start talking, start planning their weeks with them, start actually working with them. Show and tell. That is the model I believe in. By show and tell you are actually teaching them to show and tell with the sign ups of their people.
By show and tell you’ll teach them the power of working TOGETHER instead of assigning tasks to people.

By show and tell you’ll learn the strengths and shortcomings of individual team mates and can connect people who could help each other develop in specific areas. It’s a system teaching people how to effectively build teams that build teams, without you having part in it.
It is a system giving true infinite duplication.

BUT, it requires real conversations, real skills. And the funny part is, it’s just a few skills with some variations on them.
It’s like having a backpack from which you can pull as you please. And by applying them you’ll get better and better…until you’ll master the fine art of having genuine conversations.

Understand before being understood

BIG point in conversations is that you’ll need to see to UNDERSTAND before being understood.
We have 2 ears and 1 mouth, yet far too often we’ll hear the network marketer do all the talking (often big self promotion, look at me, look at how good I am) instead of asking the right questions. When asking the right question it’s a matter of LISTENING to the answers and also hear what has not been said in words.
Also very important: make notes during the conversation. It does miracles for you in the future. It also gives you the opportunity at the end of the conversation to summarize and make sure you have understood your prospect correctly.
How powerful if you can give a person the feeling that you really listened and heared what he has been telling you?!
Again, it’s a lost art.

Be aware of it, look at yourself: are you texting or talking/ listening? Change if necessary.
Thank me later. 🙂