We can choose how we feel, so why not choose happiness?

Many people seem glued to emotions from the past, very often negative ones.

Someone hurt them and they keep holding on to anger, thoughts of revenge even.
They don’t see how that other person controls their emotions.
Just this week I had a conversation with someone struggling with it.
It clearly took out happiness from his days, adding physical discomfort like headaches.

So I asked him, why don’t you just let go and move on with your life?
Understand that every action from that other person will come back to him, it’s karma.
He replied that he couldn’t.

You can not or are not willing to

My question was if he couldn’t or wasn’t willing to let go.

A powerful question that changed everything for me when grieving over the loss of the man I loved wholeheartedly.
That question made me realize that the emotion, even one that brought many tears, subconsciously was the only think I had left from him. And that was the exact reason why I chose to hold on to it.
I am the one who allowed him to hurt me. Now it was time to stop allowing that and take my freedom back, my control.

That awareness made all the difference, it made me take back control over my emotions and my life. I decided I wanted to be happy again, but for that I had to be WILLING to let go.

It is amazing how, once you are willing, the process simply starts. Until one morning you realize you feel happy again and have forgiven the other for not being the person you had hoped he was.

Replacing of emotions

Any negative emotion can be replaced.

It is okay to feel emotions, positive and negative, but holding on to them too long IS a choice you make.
Don’t you deserve better?

Holding on to anger is like drinking poison, expecting the other person to die. You are the one that gets hurt, you block happiness by hanging on to anger.

Start looking around you, you ALWAYS will find reasons enough to feel good about. You woke up this morning, so many did not.
You can read this, so many can not. You may have a spouse who loves you, so many do not.
Do you get what I mean?

Love is the answer to everything

Love is the most powerful thing in life, it feeds ALL positive experiences you will ever have.
Open up your heart to love life, to understand why you have faced these challenges. It was an opportunity for you to grow as a person, to gain wisdom.

In a world that seems to get more violent, WE the people can only make a change in that process if WE, the people, change ourselves.
Those that hurt us need our love more than anyone else. You don’t have to allow them back into your life, that is a choice as well, but you can choose to forgive and let go, so your past will be your past and not your present or your future.

An eye for an eye has never worked. Revenge will never undo whatever happened.
And think of this, you are hurt by someone because of his behavior, do you want to get to an even lower level yourself?
If what the other person did was unfair, why would your actions suddenly be fair?

Forgiveness and love is the ONLY way forward that enables you to have a magnificent life. A life filled with love and happiness, even if you’d be single. Single doesn’t equal lonely after all. 🙂

So, if you are struggling with these negative emotions, be very honest with yourself in asking the question why you don’t want to let go.

You can choose to feel better, to feel differently, to feel positive, why not choose Happiness?

Happiness is an inside job. So, it always and completely depends on YOU. Choose happiness, just be happy!