Communication, a lost art

Communication, a lost art

Communication, a lost art. It really has become that.

We live in an era where people across the table even text each other. Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger…the number of messages sent on a daily basis worldwide is just insane!!

I really don’t like Whatsapp. The number of notifications of groups I’m in is driving me nuts so I tend to switch of notifications and very often don’t read at all.. until I decide to leave that group. If you have something you think I should know, talk to me. Messenger also offers the possibility to call me.

I already noticed this back in Corporate life: very often I told my team to put on their walking shoes and go TALK with a colleague in another department instead of sending emails. You’d be surprised how much more is getting done/ agreed on while having an actual conversation.

Network Marketing

In network marketing it very much is the same. Let’s take Facebook as an example:

Facebook is great to network, to connect…but in order to more effectively grow a business you’ll need to actually talk with people.

Very often people tell me they send XYZ the link because the person asked for it. Then stops responding any messages.
You could have avoided this by actually having talked to XYZ.
In a message people will ask you for your link just to be ‘done’ with you. They are sending you into the woods.

In a conversation there is no time for them to prepare a desired response and if your communication skills are right, you can make people tell you anything you’d like to know about them…their hopes, dreams. That is your starting point in getting to a call to action.
So get people on Skype or phone or even messenger asap if they live further away, otherwise go have a coffee with them and TALK, connect!

With the art of communication you will never have a sales call anymore, you will simply have genuine conversations with people. Conversations in which you’ll find out if and how you could be of service to them to help them get what they want.

Show and Tell

Too often I hear leaders say they message their new sign ups regularly but no one seems to do anything.
Duh…stop messaging, start talking, start planning their weeks with them, start actually working with them. Show and tell. That is the model I believe in. By show and tell you are actually teaching them to show and tell with the sign ups of their people.
By show and tell you’ll teach them the power of working TOGETHER instead of assigning tasks to people.

By show and tell you’ll learn the strengths and shortcomings of individual team mates and can connect people who could help each other develop in specific areas. It’s a system teaching people how to effectively build teams that build teams, without you having part in it.
It is a system giving true infinite duplication.

BUT, it requires real conversations, real skills. And the funny part is, it’s just a few skills with some variations on them.
It’s like having a backpack from which you can pull as you please. And by applying them you’ll get better and better…until you’ll master the fine art of having genuine conversations.

Understand before being understood

BIG point in conversations is that you’ll need to see to UNDERSTAND before being understood.
We have 2 ears and 1 mouth, yet far too often we’ll hear the network marketer do all the talking (often big self promotion, look at me, look at how good I am) instead of asking the right questions. When asking the right question it’s a matter of LISTENING to the answers and also hear what has not been said in words.
Also very important: make notes during the conversation. It does miracles for you in the future. It also gives you the opportunity at the end of the conversation to summarize and make sure you have understood your prospect correctly.
How powerful if you can give a person the feeling that you really listened and heared what he has been telling you?!
Again, it’s a lost art.

Be aware of it, look at yourself: are you texting or talking/ listening? Change if necessary.
Thank me later. 🙂

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, Part 6 How To Identify Scams

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, Part 6 How To Identify Scams

If you’ve made the decision to get involved in cryptocurrencies you’ll start looking around on the internet and perhaps talk with people from your network to see if they are doing ‘something’ already.

Now, I realize not everyone is going to appreciate what I’m about to share in this blog post with you. It might very well put the business they are involved with in a negative light. It never is my intention to bash an opportunity or an individual. The only intention I have is to educate you, reader of this blog post and to help you avoid the pit falls of the legion of scammers out there.

Red Flags

What are red flags you should be alert on?

Hyping Opportunities 

If an opportunity is hyping it very often means that those marketing it are emphasizing big gains, perhaps even guaranteeing it. If the business concept has no real product involved, or no REAL MINING, it doesn’t matter what currency the opportunity is doing business in: USD, EUR, GBP or Bitcoin, the currency will not make it sustainable nor legitimate.

BS statements by marketers 

It is absolutely shocking to read statements made by many marketers. They simply lack proper knowledge and will use marketing mantras to get you blinded by earning potential. Having enormous amounts in a backoffice doesn’t mean a thing. I can have millions playing Monopoly, it doesn’t make me really wealthy does it?

What promoters are at the top? 

Look who are promoting it heavily and then look at their history. If they have a track record of being involved in scams, the odds are this is another. Get rick quick is what DOES attract these recruiters.

Pump and Dump Alt Coin Schemes 

There are many coins being offered that people are offered to buy into. Packages for absurd amounts in order to get so called tokens. Of course all of them claim to be better than Bitcoin. Some of them claim to have thousands of merchants ready to start accepting them. These are just claims, there is no real proof or documentation there really are.The coins have a value that is determined by the company. Mostly these coins can not be exchanged, or the schemes have their own exchange where there are enough sellers (people who look at thousands and thousands in their backoffice) but there are no buyers. Why would you want to buy coins that you cannot sell nor use.The potential success of any cryptocurrency is in the practical use of it. If there is no practical use, any value attached to it by the company mining it (rarely it’s an open source decentralized blockchain) is wishful thinking and fairy tales.The fact a coin is showing on isn’t proof of it’s future success at all. Many think it is, but they are wrong/ misinformed.

There is a lot more to doing due diligence on online business opportunities, but for cryptocurrency schemes, the ones mentioned above will already help you eliminate the majority of scams.

Now a very important question:

How to identify whether a cloud mining or alleged real mining company is trustworthy?

Unfortunately, there are mining offers available that are scams. Hash Ocean has been a sad example: Millions have been collected and the site and company simply vanished. You don’t want that to happen to your money.

If you start mining you aim to mine real coins, whether that’s bitcoin or an alt coin. Do NOT buy into any hype. Hype is the biggest pitfall for the uneducated masses, who easily get blinded by dollar signs and tend to ignore the red flags waving into their face!

Very often the website that is being used has a hidden identity of the owner. When asked for proof of existence, you’ll get pictures that are simply taken from the internet. Any mining company offering fixed mining results (like 10% per month), that’s a HUGE red flag, since there are no fixed results in mining.

There are cloud mining opportunities that conveniently abuse the name of a real mining farm: they use a derivative of the real mining farm’s name, add a letter or something to give the IMPRESSION it all is real. You will find out when your money is gone, no coins are in your possession and the site has gone black. Or, another convenient untruth, a site owner will communicate it has been hacked.
Either way, the money or bitcoins you have put in that specific mining company is simply gone.

Many will claim to offer cloud mining, but there is no real mining involved. So be very careful when choosing whom to trust and where to pay your money or bitcoins to. Reliable companies will proudly show who they are, proudly show pictures and videos taken on site and preferably have some members visit the mining facility. No real mining company will publish the exact location of their mining facility because of security reasons, this makes perfect sense.

Well, this brings this series to an end.

I hope you’ve found it useful and has helped you understand the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and how it can have a huge impact on life as we know it in the coming years and probably decades.

Sign up for the newsletter on this website. We’ll be announcing and launching a Cryptucation course in the coming weeks. A very important part there will also be how to protect and store your mined coins safely. Many have insufficient security and will one day find the coins they had on their smart phone have disappeared. Learn how to minimize the risks and benefit from a trend that is bigger than many realize today.

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Most Of You Will Fail

Most Of You Will Fail

Most of you will fail!

Bold statement isn’t it? But it’s true.

As long as you keep looking for the fixed returns, the fixed income, you are looking for something on short term. You lack a long term vision, you lack the understanding of compounding and leverage.

As long as you keep asking for guaranteed income, you’d be better of getting another, better paid job.

As long as you are blinded by these crappy deals promising high returns and ignoring the CERTAINTY (100% certain) it will eventually fail, collapse, vanish, be shut down, you still have a lot of work to do on your own belief system, your thinking!

I don’t want to spend my time on working with people who are looking for the instant gratification.
I don’t want to work with people who think just JOINING an opportunity will build them a business on auto pilot.
I don’t want to work with people who count on having spillover.
I don’t want to work with people who are unwilling to actually commit.

Most of you will fail.

You will fail because of a poverty mindset, where you are focused on making loads of money NOW while ignoring all risks that are involved.
You will fail because you simply don’t take accountability for where you are right now in your life.
You will fail because you refuse to work on yourself and on your business.
You will fail because you simply don’t have what it takes.

Let me rephrase that, because I know EVERYONE has got what it takes. It’s just a few who are willing to dig in deep and get the best out of themselves and by that, get the best out of their life!

In profiling my ideal customer, my ideal business partner, I really look at that.
It’s because of what I described above that I so much prefer to start working with people whose mindset hasn’t been poisoned by the fat checks in the ponzi schemes yet. People whose only fear is the ‘pyramid thing’ fear because of their family and friends.

If these people still have dreams, I can help them get to realization of those dreams. I can help them deal with the pyramid thing objections, I can teach them how to pitch without pitching…I can show them how to get to where they want to be.

I don’t want to spend one on one time with people who simply choose to remain ignorant on the get rich quicks, who are looking for high income while ignoring all risks, who don’t have a long term vision and are entirely money focused, who simply believe all fairytales they are being told without the slightest hesitation. These people don’t properly think for themselves but are following the crowd.
Guess who are in these crowds? Yup, those who fail.
They’d best start to work on them first.

Most of you will fail. It is all up to you and your mindset.

How To Scam Successfully

How To Scam Successfully

In this article I’m going to show you how to scam people successfully. Really, anyone can do it, that is, anyone without ethics.

  1. Come up with a catchy name
    In order to draw attention we need a catchy name, something like Crypto Achievers. That should do it…people like to achieve and crypto is the new hype of the moment, if we’d consider the tsunami of crypto scams surfacing.
  2. No recruiting required
    The masses are lazy and don’t want to do anything to become a millionaire before breakfast.
    So, let’s tell them that we (doesn’t matter who ‘we’ are, most scam sites will not reveal that) understand how hard it is for the average guy and gall to recruit, so we have ‘cracked the code’ and this time the company will do it for you!
  3. Find a bogus product
    Easiest way is to simply have people invest money and call it they purchased advertising packs. Link to another site with a rotator showing all uploaded URLs. The masses will believe anything we’d tell them, so we will throw in a few URL of wellknown companies and they will all add there other get rich quick programs.
    Of course we will have them ‘click’ a number of sites on a daily basis to give them the false believe that people are actually looking at THEIR advertised website. They will believe it is real advertising, and we will not tell them it is only members looking at other member’s sites.
  4. Option 2: let’s invent a new coin.
    Just for fun and because the sheep will buy anything we’d tell them.
    The coin needs a name….we’ll come up with one over a few beers….right: it will be the Enigma.
    Then we will tell them we have premined it and they now have a chance to get in early for just pennies on the dollar.
    It is going to be the direct competitor of Bitcoin as we have learned from the mistakes that Bitcoin made and we miraculously have done so much better.
    The dumbtards don’t understand blockchain, so we can double, triple, half or quadruple the value in their back-offices as we please. Let’s tell them that we have a whole bunch of other companies that back the value of the Enigma and will also accept it for payment at a point in the future.Of course we will wait with listing it on Coinmarketcap until the supply is big enough to replace Bitcoin in the market space.
    (The things these fools believe! lol).
    Then we also must make sure they think they will be able to sell their Enigmas on an exchange platform. Noooo, not an external one, we can’t control that. We simply build another crappy site, add an SSL certificate to it and give them the impression they can exchange their Enigmas into Bitcoin.
    We can then maximize the number of coins they can sell per day//week….let’s make that dependent on the size of the package they buy. (more about packages later on).
  5. Packages
    We would need to sell packages of education. There is plenty on the internet we can grab for free and then sell for insane amounts. If we’d promise them 5% per day, they will mortgage their houses in order to get into the highest packages.
    No limits there, when greed takes over with these braindead folks, they will invest $100,000 easily.
  6. Commissions
    Most important part here is to pay them a percentage on new packages (investments in reality, but we won’t use that word).
    If they smell 10% on another $100k, they would chase their grandmother to invest her life savings.
    Add in a matching bonus and with our statement that the company will build their business, they will come in by thousands.
  7. Daily profits
    On the daily 5% we would only require them to reinvest 50% and have 50% for withdrawal. Initially that should work out fine.
    We can find a crappy payprocessor for pay outs. For pay ins we will only accept bank wire and bitcoins, that will avoid disputes and refund requests.
  8. Growth
    If accounts in backoffices of the sheep will grow nicely, they will continue to bring in other sheep.
    But once that starts slowing down we will use the Ddos attacks, payprocessor can’t handle the magnitude of new signups to stall payouts for as long as possible.
  9. Worst case scenario
    Worst case scenario is when we won’t be able to pay at all. Let’s agree that that will be the case when our cash and BTC would drop under $3 million. After all, we have bills to pay.

Then let’s get in touch with a few of the ponzi pimps…you know them, they will jump into anything if they can make a percentage on larger investments. They will get entire networks to follow them, so it’s easy money for them.
We don’t want the ethical guys to build it, that won’t go fast enough and they might alert their down-line.

Anyone talking negative about us, we will simply call them haters. That always works. Our sheep will happily repeat that, praying and hoping they will some day see that magical number in their back office on their bank account. Too bad for them that won’t happen, but our balances will nicely grow.

As you can read, it is really that simple to scam people.

I do hope you’d have spotted the high level of sarcasm here…and if you’d recognize a thing or two about the alleged opportunity you are in right now, well…perhaps time to simply walk in opposite direction and start education people, including your own network.


Cross sponsoring

Cross sponsoring

Cross sponsoring, a hot topic in network marketing and cause of quite some frustrations.

Most network marketing companies will not allow it and have that in their terms & conditions.

What is it?

Cross sponsoring is actively infiltrating the network of one company to recruit for another company.
It is unethical, but most of the times will also put you in violation of the terms & conditions of your company.

My vision

For me it’s very simple, I will not actively approach people who are not in my personal downline to pitch them for another opportunity.

However, very often people already get upset when I talk with a mutual friend and feel that because they are friends with this person, I shouldn’t be talking with them.
Of course that is ludicrous. Being friends doesn’t make you own people. I believe the days people were owned are long gone.

If I see someone who used to be in my network sign up with someone else it tells me I need to improve on my skills. It is obvious that person prefers another sponsor.
I shouldn’t blame that other sponsor, I should look at my own behavior and improve to avoid these situations in the future.

Ethical prospecting

It isn’t that hard to be ethical in prospecting. When talking with someone that you would like to introduce to your business, it is a very easy question if they have already talked with someone else about it. One simple question that will avoid a lot of trouble.

If they did talk with someone else, the next question of course is if they know that person as a sponsor, ask about prior experience.
I’ve had people telling me that they had joined that sponsor twice before, but then were left on their own. That was the reason why they hadn’t signed up with that ‘old’ sponsor.
Freedom of choice and choose your sponsor wisely!

I welcome these people in my team. I do think that is ethical.

I do NOT like situations where people ask me all information, where I spend hours on that, then join someone else, but keep coming to me for support.
I will friendly tell them that they should work with their own sponsor. They could have had my full dedication but for whatever reasons choose not to have that.

Ethical prospecting means you have the best interest of a future team mate at heart.

Envy and politics

There is so much envy and politics in this industry. It becomes more clear after having been around for a while.
The ‘sis’s and bro’s’ are just an act. As long as you keep working for your sponsor it’s all good, but you shouldn’t ask questions or have them work for you….noooo, some will happily cash commissions and then are out of reach. THAT is unethical. THAT is recruiting and in no way any form of leadership, it’s lack of leadership.

Politics is also something… the badmouthing that is happening in this industry is shocking….and many fill their minds with gossip and drama, especially if it’s about people who have been more or less successful, while they are still making pennies.
I’ve learned to trust no one but myself. Everyone will get the benefit of the doubt, but I’m always on alert. I’ve learned not to expect high morals from cheap people. No ethics from those who consider everyone on their friendlist as their personal property.

Wake up: if you are that great a sponsor, people should be lining up to join you! If they don’t, do not blame anyone else but yourself.

Beautiful industry

Network marketing or MLM is a beautiful industry, if built with integrity and built by genuine people with the right intentions, which are NOT their personal bank accounts.
Again, it is not about you, it is about your team. It is a people business and a skills business. People are not numbers. People aren’t oranges that you can throw to the wall and see which ones will stick.

Sponsor responsibility

If you sponsor people, you have the responsibility to help and train them. There is no excuse for not having the time. If you don’t have time, you shouldn’t sponsor.
You should be in affiliate marketing then, simply sell, make commissions and have nothing to do with duplication in a team!

Love for this industry

I truly love this industry, or at least, what it is supposed to be: communities of people helping each other to get in life what is important to them. And by helping them, servant leadership, get more than you could ever have imagined!

Your Business Starts With You

Your Business Starts With You


Your business starts with you:
Once you join a business opportunity, you run a business: YOUR business.

It would be the perfect scenario if you’d have a sponsor who would start working
with you within 24 hours after enrolling.

In my opinion and my method of operations, that is what will happen.

In reality though, many people are left on their own. They will, if they
are lucky, only get a message or a call from their sponsor when no sign ups are made.

Many people drop out for the simple reason they have met rejections from
their friends and family and feel they are not supported by the team and
particularly their sponsor.

However, there also are people who simply start moving, start learning.
Absorbing all information available by clicking on each and every link on
a website, reading through FAQs, attending webinars and Q&A calls.
They ignore their own sponsor for the simple reason they realize that
everything starts with themselves.

It all starts with you

Your business starts with you. Not with your sponsor. If your sponsor
doesn’t contact you, reach out to their sponsor and upwards until you
find someone who is willing to mentor you. Or find yourself a mentor
in another industry.

Let’s assume you’ve joined a legit company. Good real product (can be digital too),
integrity in place, it’s all there. Then YOU have the obligation to put in
the time to improve your skills. And how do you improve? By simply doing
and then evaluate your actions afterwards. What went wrong, what could
you’ve done differently with perhaps a better result? Then the next time
you’ll do it again, do it differently. Until you realize what you are
doing is working. Keep doing it then.

If you are not getting results, don’t blame the company, don’t blame
your sponsor but take full responsibility for it yourself.

Communication goes two ways

Very often I hear ‘But I wasn’t told that’.
Hey, you run your own business and you shouldn’t assume information
always comes top down. Many people don’t read emails that are sent
from the company, many don’t read along in Facebook groups where
your leadership is communicating with everyone to inform, help and
inspire you.

If you have a question and can’t find the answer – I mean you first
go research all available resources – then ask your question in a
Facebook group, your sponsor, their sponsor…always move up the line.
Make them work for the money you will be making them. If communication
doesn’t come your way, go out to get the answers. That is what leaders do.

Once you realize that your business starts with you, you will understand
that it is about you making sure you are the authority, you having the
answers, you having faith in what you are doing, you accepting no other
outcome than success in your business, you picking up the phone to talk
with people. You OWNING your business and give it all you’ve got.

Never allow anyone but yourself to determine the
growth of YOUR business!