Your Mind Is Like A Garden

Your Mind Is Like A Garden

Your mind is like a garden!

You have a choice in whether or not to till the soil.
You have a choice in what to plant, corn or weeds.
You are in control of the abundance of your harvest.

To Till The Soil

What do you feed your mind with? With hours of brainwashing television or reading books?
With surfing the internet or improving yourself and talk with mentors?
If we don’t till the soil, it doesn’t matter how good the seed we’ll plant, not much growth can be expected.

We are like farmers where it comes to our mind, do we invest time and energy in it to get the best soil possible?
Or do we leave everything by chance and just see if something will come up?

Like with anything in life, it all starts with you.

What To Plant

We can plant many seeds in our mind. The question is, what type of seed do we want to grow?
Skepticism or Optimism
Shortage or Abundance
Love or Fear
Faith or doubt
Self doubt or self confidence

It is an endless list of choices, but each choice has an impact. Each choice determines your future and the course of it.
Do you see what enormous power you have, if you’d understand the power of the human mind AND the full control you can have over it.

The Abundance Of Your Harvest

If you’d plant a seed and then ignore it from there on… you don’t water it, you don’t fertilize the soil, it would not be realistic to expect an abundant harvest.
But if instead, you’d put your heart and soul in nurturing the seed until it surfaces above the earth, then continue to nurture it, feed it, water it, your harvest will be an abundant one.

If you think a positive thought once but speak and think negatively the rest of the day, don’t expect positive experiences.
A negative mindset will not bring you a positive life.

The people around you are like the fertilizer, they can boost your growth. New insights from conversations, new goals from mentors, new skills from experts, new thoughts and emotions by choice, YOUR choice.

If we work our garden, our soil, our mind, to get rid of weeds, which are like the believes we have accepted as truths from others – but never were ours to begin with – we can harvest abundance.
Look around you, how often do you hear people complain all the time…realize it is exactly their own behavior (which comes from their garden) that is ensuring they experience what they experience.

That insight is SUCH a powerful one, it can be truly life changing. Awareness of your own thoughts, awareness of what truly are yours and which are the believes of others (parents, teachers, media, schools, peers) that we have a choice to believe or not…
the insight that we can choose what emotion to connect with a thought…the insight that our very own belief system is the big order form that is sent to the biggest warehouse ever, called the Universe…
The insight that we have to practice skills in order to develop them, to improve them until we finally master them.

What a joyous moment when you realize that you are the farmer, your mind is your garden and it’s up to you – and you have all that it takes – to harvest abundance!

Happy harvesting! 🙂


Love Or Fear

Love Or Fear

When observing people’s behavior, I can always see one of two emotions: it’s love or fear. Any other emotion is just a derivative of one of these.

Anger is an expression of fear.
Hate is an expression of fear.
Kindness is an expression of love.
Helping others is an expression of love.

Not too long ago when people were really rude to me, I felt like defending myself. That is behind me now though.

What really made a change was understanding that their behavior is just a reflection of the battle they are having with themselves. They simply chose to point it towards me. I have a choice to step in or walk away… well, not stepping in anymore.

I’ve been living fear based for many years in the past. Oh my, if I look back I just get why things happened to me. I simply manifested them by my thoughts of fear. Even the break up with the love of my life, it was my fear manifesting.

Personal development is such a powerful journey, it helps you to get rid of fear and make space for love. I’m not talking about the love between 2 people who want to grow old together, but love in general. Love for all people, love for yourself, the love for life itself.

And when we fill ourselves with love, gratitude comes natural. I find myself counting my blessings very, very often. Grateful for my children, grateful for my grand daughter to be (just 2 more months at the time of writing), grateful for the wonderful relationships with the life partners of my children. I’m extremely grateful for the house I live in, the people I work with, the experiences I am privileged to have… life is just one precious gift, one precious journey.

I hope to be around for at least 40 more years and I know, everything I’ve learned in the recent years will be so beneficial in getting most out of life. I feel it is my job to share these insights with others and am grateful (again!) that I just love to write.

This blog is such a wonderful platform to share my thoughts and insights with you. Some people may think life is just easy for me. Well, that may look like that right now, but trust me, I’ve been through hell and back on my way to get where I am right now.

The difference is that I finally figured out it is all about me and the thoughts I entertain. I try to keep negativity out of my life. Any challenge is an opportunity for growth and I just KNOW that no matter how big the challenge, I will get through it successfully. After all, I do have a 100% success track record on it…and so have you. 🙂

I choose love as my main emotion, I choose happiness as my gift to share. I choose to help people understand that it is vital to change their thinking in order to change their life. And I just love talking and writing about the topic.

Even with my kids there isn’t really one single time we are together, where we do not have beautiful deep conversations.

We have fun as well, make jokes, but there always is a deeper conversation. It is the best gift a parent could get from their children and I have the enormous blessing to have the very same relationship with their partners as well.

Love, it truly is the answer to everything.

So, in anything you might want to undertake, you always have a choice: you can act from love or from fear. Choose wisely!

With love,

Most Of You Will Fail

Most Of You Will Fail

Most of you will fail!

Bold statement isn’t it? But it’s true.

As long as you keep looking for the fixed returns, the fixed income, you are looking for something on short term. You lack a long term vision, you lack the understanding of compounding and leverage.

As long as you keep asking for guaranteed income, you’d be better of getting another, better paid job.

As long as you are blinded by these crappy deals promising high returns and ignoring the CERTAINTY (100% certain) it will eventually fail, collapse, vanish, be shut down, you still have a lot of work to do on your own belief system, your thinking!

I don’t want to spend my time on working with people who are looking for the instant gratification.
I don’t want to work with people who think just JOINING an opportunity will build them a business on auto pilot.
I don’t want to work with people who count on having spillover.
I don’t want to work with people who are unwilling to actually commit.

Most of you will fail.

You will fail because of a poverty mindset, where you are focused on making loads of money NOW while ignoring all risks that are involved.
You will fail because you simply don’t take accountability for where you are right now in your life.
You will fail because you refuse to work on yourself and on your business.
You will fail because you simply don’t have what it takes.

Let me rephrase that, because I know EVERYONE has got what it takes. It’s just a few who are willing to dig in deep and get the best out of themselves and by that, get the best out of their life!

In profiling my ideal customer, my ideal business partner, I really look at that.
It’s because of what I described above that I so much prefer to start working with people whose mindset hasn’t been poisoned by the fat checks in the ponzi schemes yet. People whose only fear is the ‘pyramid thing’ fear because of their family and friends.

If these people still have dreams, I can help them get to realization of those dreams. I can help them deal with the pyramid thing objections, I can teach them how to pitch without pitching…I can show them how to get to where they want to be.

I don’t want to spend one on one time with people who simply choose to remain ignorant on the get rich quicks, who are looking for high income while ignoring all risks, who don’t have a long term vision and are entirely money focused, who simply believe all fairytales they are being told without the slightest hesitation. These people don’t properly think for themselves but are following the crowd.
Guess who are in these crowds? Yup, those who fail.
They’d best start to work on them first.

Most of you will fail. It is all up to you and your mindset.

How you feel is a choice, choose happiness

How you feel is a choice, choose happiness

We can choose how we feel, so why not choose happiness?

Many people seem glued to emotions from the past, very often negative ones.

Someone hurt them and they keep holding on to anger, thoughts of revenge even.
They don’t see how that other person controls their emotions.
Just this week I had a conversation with someone struggling with it.
It clearly took out happiness from his days, adding physical discomfort like headaches.

So I asked him, why don’t you just let go and move on with your life?
Understand that every action from that other person will come back to him, it’s karma.
He replied that he couldn’t.

You can not or are not willing to

My question was if he couldn’t or wasn’t willing to let go.

A powerful question that changed everything for me when grieving over the loss of the man I loved wholeheartedly.
That question made me realize that the emotion, even one that brought many tears, subconsciously was the only think I had left from him. And that was the exact reason why I chose to hold on to it.
I am the one who allowed him to hurt me. Now it was time to stop allowing that and take my freedom back, my control.

That awareness made all the difference, it made me take back control over my emotions and my life. I decided I wanted to be happy again, but for that I had to be WILLING to let go.

It is amazing how, once you are willing, the process simply starts. Until one morning you realize you feel happy again and have forgiven the other for not being the person you had hoped he was.

Replacing of emotions

Any negative emotion can be replaced.

It is okay to feel emotions, positive and negative, but holding on to them too long IS a choice you make.
Don’t you deserve better?

Holding on to anger is like drinking poison, expecting the other person to die. You are the one that gets hurt, you block happiness by hanging on to anger.

Start looking around you, you ALWAYS will find reasons enough to feel good about. You woke up this morning, so many did not.
You can read this, so many can not. You may have a spouse who loves you, so many do not.
Do you get what I mean?

Love is the answer to everything

Love is the most powerful thing in life, it feeds ALL positive experiences you will ever have.
Open up your heart to love life, to understand why you have faced these challenges. It was an opportunity for you to grow as a person, to gain wisdom.

In a world that seems to get more violent, WE the people can only make a change in that process if WE, the people, change ourselves.
Those that hurt us need our love more than anyone else. You don’t have to allow them back into your life, that is a choice as well, but you can choose to forgive and let go, so your past will be your past and not your present or your future.

An eye for an eye has never worked. Revenge will never undo whatever happened.
And think of this, you are hurt by someone because of his behavior, do you want to get to an even lower level yourself?
If what the other person did was unfair, why would your actions suddenly be fair?

Forgiveness and love is the ONLY way forward that enables you to have a magnificent life. A life filled with love and happiness, even if you’d be single. Single doesn’t equal lonely after all. 🙂

So, if you are struggling with these negative emotions, be very honest with yourself in asking the question why you don’t want to let go.

You can choose to feel better, to feel differently, to feel positive, why not choose Happiness?

Happiness is an inside job. So, it always and completely depends on YOU. Choose happiness, just be happy!

Success And Purpose

Success And Purpose

What is Success?

1. The accomplishment of an aim or purpose
“the president had some success in restoring confidence”
synonyms: favorable outcome, successfulness, favorable result,
successful outcome, positive result, victory, triumph

2. Archaic
the good or bad outcome of an undertaking
“the good or ill success of their maritime enterprises”
For this article I’ll use the first explanation, the first definition.

Aim or Purpose

Aim or purpose is rather subjective.
What is a success for one might be a failure for another.

Recently, I spoke with a young lady about what her purpose in life would be.
Her reply was to be the perfect housewife, with the house all tidy and clean,
kids clean and bathed when hubby would come home.

Personally that wouldn’t be my ultimate goal in life, but for her it is and
I appreciate that at least she knows what it is she wants from life.

Each individual has his/her own aim or purpose and it is utterly useless to judge it.
Yours is the only one you should be concerned about, at least get it clear,
know what your purpose is!

Aiming for money

All too often we’ll see people aiming to hit a target money wise, like
making $10k per month.

Once that number is reached, they still don’t feel quite happy, so the
number is increased.

It is a sad given fact, that aiming for money and reaching that goal
will not bring the happiness of succeeding into your life.

We all know people who seem to have it all, yet are heavily depressed.
Nice partner, beautiful house, making big money, perfect kids,
still heavily depressed.

Money will not give you fulfillment, living your purpose will.

What purpose?

That varies for each individual. Some will have a purpose to have a
stable with horses, others to have their own foundation to help a
specific group of people. Again others have a purpose to teach.
It is something you will have to find within yourself, deep down.
It is something you can only find if you are willing to ignore other
people’s opinions.

I’ve found my purpose through a life altering course that is given
only twice per year. You can find some more information on that
on this website, just look under MasterKey Experience in the navigation bar.

No right or wrong

There is no right or wrong. Your purpose is your purpose and you don’t
need any approval from anyone to live it.

As long as it is authentic and truly what you want from life, you will
find happiness living it, you will consider yourself successful once living it.

Give More, Get More

Whatever it is you want from life, you will have to become aware of it first,
then start giving it to others. It is one of the universal laws we need to
give in order to receive. Those who get that and apply it are rewarded in abundance.

At your service

This website is for you, The Dutchess is at your service:
to help you create the life you want, offering insights, inspiration and
access to courses that may change your life for the better like mine has changed
into a life I love living.

Feel free to share with anyone whom you might think will find it interesting or
who are living a life of quiet desperation. You and they too, deserve to be happy,
deserve to find your purpose and be successful in living it.