Beware uneducated network marketers!

It is shocking and highly concerning to see network marketers promoting a product they are uneducated on.

The world of MLM has turned into a world of pretending to be successful, making claims that are totally untrue and telling people about anything just to make them pull out their credit cards.

Just some observations over the last 2 days on Facebook:

– marketers promoting blatant crypto ponzi’s going ‘live’ talking about how to recognize bitcoin scams
– marketers agreeing on posts on how poor most people do their due diligence while they are promoting the clear scams themselves
– marketers pitching me opportunities that are even a disgrace to the WORD opportunity itself!

A few examples, without naming biz opps by name:

  • any financial trading business who is asking you to send THEM your funds MUST be licensed and show a risk disclaimer on their
    site. They should also be able to provide you with verified historical results over a longer period (2 months is NOT sufficient history)
  • any company selling Expert Advisors (trading robots) MUST be able to show you the results of their back tests over a very long period of time.

Marketers promoting this don’t have the slightest understanding of trading Forex nor the financial markets. They ONLY look at the referral commissions on YOUR investments that they can make. They are clueless whether a trading strategy has a large draw down (loss) or what risk it is trading at. They often have never heard of MyFXBook or FXBlue, which is software used by real traders to show prospects their verified trading results.

Marketers claiming they are licensed quickly turn silent if you’d ask for a license number or regulating authority they are licensed with.

But hey, the referral commissions are awesome!

  • any opportunity promising you to turn your 0,001 Bitcoin into multiple bitcoins on auto pilot….come on, you were born with brains, where do you think the extra bitcoins are coming from? These are plain ponzi schemes. NO MATTER WHAT PRODUCT OR SERVICES ARE SAID TO BE OFFERED!
  • Pump and dump altcoin opportunities, where marketers easily promote several of them, but ALL of these are claimed to be the second largest next to Bitcoin. Sure…now where did I park my unicorn?
    Blockchain experts will immediately tell you that a centralized blockchain is NOT going to create usage in the market.

If only a company determines the value of a coin, if you cannot exchange them to FIAT or established crypto currencies, then you could
just as well start counting your Monopoly cash and start buying houses and hotels…Oh Mariska, but Monopoly isn’t real and neither are the houses or hotels…yup, exactly my point.

Most of these companies have great stories on IPO’s, ICO’s, acquired other companies etc, but you’ll never see any hard copy proof of it.
New fairy tales are told and, without using any form of common sense, repeated by our clueless network marketers.

Looking at the garbage that is being promoted, I can only conclude that many have left their brains in the bedroom when they woke up in the morning or…and that is even more likely, they are so focused on the money, that values are completely ignored.

As long as YOU make money, you don’t care who lost theirs.


Moral of this post: do NOT believe what the average promoter is claiming, especially not if their social media page is like an advertising billboard. Or, and perhaps that is even more safe: If they tell you A, assume it is B. It is THEIR interest that is driving them, THEIR bank account and not YOUR dreams and hopes.

Theoretically many of them know integrity and doing the right thing… in every day life they refuse to acknowledge or take accountability for cannibalizing their network into the next get rich quick scam. Walk the talk ladies and gentlemen, practice as you preach.

You may make a quick buck or two right now (short term focus), you’ll never build the residual income from your group…because once that group starts to grow, the opportunity collapses. Over time you’ll see people turn their back at you, you’ll have lost their trust. Rightfully I might add here.

Some of you I would love to punch in your face to wake you up…I know that in your heart you are really good people, but seem to be stuck in the habit of picking the wrong business to promote. Better build slower with a growing income that lasts than to boom and having to start all over….and over….and over.

Question all statements marketers make…they will tell you anything, keep that in mind, just to get you on board!