Due Diligence Course coming soon

Due Diligence Course coming soon

After 2 years of talking about it, the time now has come to bring it into reality.

Many of you know that I’ve always taken a stand against the blatant scams that cause so much damage to the beautiful profession of network marketing. It really is no wonder that so many believe MLM is the equivalent of fraud and scam.


It is time to change the game.

Since I really believe in the principle of ‘give more, get more’ and love to educate people, to add value that help them move forward in life and in their business, the basic training will be totally FREE OF COST.
You read that right, you’ll pay absolutely nothing, zero, nada, zip and will gain basic knowledge that helps you identify obvious red flags in any business opportunity. You will have the knowledge to give a well founded ‘NO’ to whoever pitches you.

On top of the basic training there will be an advanced training, where we’ll go into depth about required licenses for certain products and services, but also into the MLM cryptocurrency arena.
Now, I’m standing up against the scammers (both intentional and non intentional) and in no way have the goal to make this course my personal get rich quick scheme. So the price for this advanced training will be for grabs, only $59 as a one time payment.

And it does not stop there: On a regular basis I will do a LIVE REVIEW of a business opportunity that you will be able to attend. The recording of that review will be made available in your backoffice so you’d be building a nice library of reviews.

The live reviews are available in a subscription based model: $17,50 per month, $175 for a full year’s access.

We will give you an Early bird advantage if you’d purchase the full course plus 6 months subscruption BEFORE the go live date on August 1st:

$99, that’s it.

That is over $60 discount. Talking about easy money!

Now, let me make perfectly clear that this course is NOT to bash network marketing in general, plenty of those sites available online, but that is not who I am, not what I believe in, not what I stand for.


I have no intention to become the next trolling site. If a business opportunity has a sustainable model and meets all the requirements for being legit, they will get a positive review!

In the mean time, feel free to like our fanpage or to join our group on Facebook,

Now available for pre-order

Now available for pre-order

I’m excited to let you know that my new Ebook is NOW available for pre-order.
Release date is June 14th.

Get your copy now, so you will have all information first!
You don’t know what you don’t know, until you’ve read this.

This is something that was on my bucket list for quite some time.
Now that we are on the threshold of the masses accepting bitcoin it seems
a perfect time to get this on Amazon.

It was written and ‘tested’ by a dear friend, who knew nothing about the subject.
Because, if she would find it adequate and could comprehend it, my 82 year old
Mom could and so can anyone else.

Pre-order now

Yes, I want this!
3 Facebook hacks to get more engagement

3 Facebook hacks to get more engagement

Facebook is an awesome platform to network. Now, how do you get more people to notice your posts, to get more likes and comments?
Some get hundreds of likes and comments keep flowing in, others get none.

There are 3 simple Facebook hacks that may help you accomplish exactly that.
This blog post is all about these 3 hacks.

Hack #1: Post good content

How obvious it can be, but good content is pretty much key here.
Posting and ending each post with ‘like if you agree’ or ‘comment ‘YES’ if you agree’ is NOT working. Really, it isn’t.
In fact it is quite annoying.

If your content is of value to your readers, or it makes them smile, think, get goose bumps…it has an impact on them and will make them like, love or comment.
Create your own posts; sharing posts of others is something you should do every now and then, but your timeline should not be filled with only posts of others.

Facebook doesn’t want you to leave Facebook, so any links in your posts will make Facebook show them LESS in the news feeds of others. If you do have a link to share, use the very first comment under your post to communicate that specific link.

Facebook lives are excellent to communicate with your friends and followers and to get direct interaction. Facebook loves these live feeds and they will show with many of your friends.

Hack #2: Engage with others on their posts

Again it may be very obvious, but we need to give in order to receive. If you want more likes or comments, GIVE more likes and comments. And, if your comments are really good, so more than ‘i agree’, it may bring you new friend requests coming in.
Take the time to read comments under the posts of your friends too. See a great comment? Reply tagging the one who made that comment. This might be the start of a long term relationship with the friend of a friend.

This doesn’t mean you should be on Facebook 24 hours a day. Just spend half an hour or an hour a day to scroll through your news feed, comment and like or love. Be careful not to make Facebook waste book.

Hack #3: Respond to comments on your own posts

Understanding the algorithm of Facebook helps. The more comments on your posts, the more often Facebook will show it in news feeds of your friends. So, if a friend comments, reply to that comment. Facebook now calculates it as 2 comments instead of 1.
Be consistent in that on posts that don’t have that much engagement yet.

Posts that get massive likes and comments, just reply to some of the comments, but ALWAYS reply and show your friends you notice the comments and appreciate them.

Another good thing to know is that posts with a picture are shown 39% more often than posts without a picture.
On weekdays the best time to post is between 1pm and 3pm.

Facebook still is a huge platform to grow your business by branding yourself, by building trust with people.
At the end of the day it all is about the customer’s perception, the customer’s experience. Make it a pleasant experience for them, so they will like you.

Help, my sponsor isn’t active!

Help, my sponsor isn’t active!

On a regular basis I talk with people who became inactive or hardly active ‘because they are under the wrong sponsor’.

‘Help, my sponsor isn’t active’

I don’t want to be the party-pooper, but isn’t it time to wake up and smell the coffee?
Your business starts with YOU. You alone are responsible for its success AND its failure.

Especially if you’ve been around a few years, this is just a lame excuse to NOT take responsibility.

There are many, many successful marketers who did it ‘on their own’.

‘But you cannot do without the synergy in the group’….ehhh, you can’t do without the synergy in YOUR group, the one that you build yourself. And it is for exactly this very reason you shouldn’t start with signing up just anyone.

You want to build with builders, people who know what collaboration actually means instead of just being able to spell it properly.
You want to work with people who love the dreams of their signups more than their own.

It’s of no influence if and what your sponsor does. If you are fortunate to have a sponsor who has focus AND ethics AND communicates, then that is a bonus. Most of the time however, it doesn’t work this way.

If you are clueless HOW to build a team, how to teach them to teach, then be willing to find a mentor or a proper course (I only know of two of them on the market that truly work and are completely opposite from what you learn in the traditional MLM’s – one in Dutch and one in English).

But stop that freakin’ blame game. Shuffle the cards and be accountable for how YOU play it. Not your sponsor, not your team, but only YOU.

Winners don’t blame, winners observe and improve.
Winners put time and energy in developing the correct skill set.
Winners work with their team (no matter the size).
Winners don’t care how other teams function, they set the culture within their own group!

Winners most certainly don’t expect their sponsor to fill their down-line. If it happens that is a bonus, but rarely happens.

Everything happening in your life starts with YOU and only you!

Look deep inside and dare to answer the question what is really stopping you.
Do you allow yourself to be successful? Do you allow yourself to soar?

I had a good sponsor in my very first biz opp, unfortunately it turned out to be a money game, a ponzi…I still was naive back then. 🙂
After that, nope…had to do it myself and I did it myself.

Now, about 6 years after I started, I’ve built the training my group needs to learn the skills and in the coming weeks and months will add lessons on how to build your business online. So both online and offline are covered.

Be honest, it was never your sponsor who determined your success or growth, it always has been you.
It has been a valuable lesson one of my mentors taught me: never let anyone but you determine the pace of growth of your business!

If you’d need answers about the mechanics of the marketing plan, go up the line or even submit a support ticket.
But never use it as an excuse. Start doing, learn the details along the way. 🙂

multiple percent per day, alleged to be Forex trading

multiple percent per day, alleged to be Forex trading

Over and over again HYIP’s pop up, claiming to be generating revenue with YOUR money trading Forex. At the same time promising, and in the beginning actually paying, absurd daily percentages of 2, 3, 4% and more.

Simply logics, common sense and maths will proof to you this is all coming from a very big thumb, appealing to those in desperate search of money.

Let’s have a closer look at why HYIP’s based on Forex are BS.

If 2% to be made per day, that would mean 40% per month.
This also means that a trader needs to make MORE than this 40%, he needs to have an income as well, right?

Successful traders who trade with other peoples money in general will take a performance fee, 30% per month is not unusual.

Now, let’s assume you’ve funded your account with $5,000 and this phenomenal trader would make about 50% in one month, $2,500….still with me?

A trader in a HYIP would then pay out $2,250 and would have made $250

A real PAMM trader would have taken 30% and made $750. The pay out would be $2,500 minus $750 = $1,750.

So far clear, right?

Now, imagine that this HYIP trader would start doing what he says, people will promote like crazy and millions are invested.

For the sake of simplicity let’s assume a total of 2 million is invested and in a month the realized profits amount to 25%, as in Forex there is nu such thing as fixed percentages per month.
The fixed payout is still 40%, the reason why people put in their hard earned cash.

This means this ‘saint’ will have to pay 15% out of the available trading balance, in order to meet the pay out, in this case $300k. Which is less money to trade with in the next month.

What is standard practice in these HYIP’s, is that you will never see proven trading results, some percentages are stated on a website, an excel sheet is presented as being a truthful reflection of trading results….you will NEVER see an actual trading account that is linked to something like MyFXbook, which would be a real proof of gained results, showing the max draw-down and what risk has been taken with your money.

With an amount of $2 million, a professional trader can easily make $60,000 a month. They will NEVER guarantee to make $800k a month! It just is not realistic!

HYIP’s are never ran by honest people, but by people who are after one thing only: your money.
When the influx of new investors slows down, you will see these things occurring:
claimed payment processor issues, reason why they can’t pay out at the moment, or a restructuring of a comp plan, maintenance on the website….everything that you can come up with to keep people believing they will make these exorbitant amounts until they can retire……until it goes black and stays black.

Forex DOES offer passive income opportunities.

So….be alert, don’t even START to believe the fixed rates per day whenever the source is claimed to be Forex, it just does not exist!