Facebook is an awesome platform to network. Now, how do you get more people to notice your posts, to get more likes and comments?
Some get hundreds of likes and comments keep flowing in, others get none.

There are 3 simple Facebook hacks that may help you accomplish exactly that.
This blog post is all about these 3 hacks.

Hack #1: Post good content

How obvious it can be, but good content is pretty much key here.
Posting and ending each post with ‘like if you agree’ or ‘comment ‘YES’ if you agree’ is NOT working. Really, it isn’t.
In fact it is quite annoying.

If your content is of value to your readers, or it makes them smile, think, get goose bumps…it has an impact on them and will make them like, love or comment.
Create your own posts; sharing posts of others is something you should do every now and then, but your timeline should not be filled with only posts of others.

Facebook doesn’t want you to leave Facebook, so any links in your posts will make Facebook show them LESS in the news feeds of others. If you do have a link to share, use the very first comment under your post to communicate that specific link.

Facebook lives are excellent to communicate with your friends and followers and to get direct interaction. Facebook loves these live feeds and they will show with many of your friends.

Hack #2: Engage with others on their posts

Again it may be very obvious, but we need to give in order to receive. If you want more likes or comments, GIVE more likes and comments. And, if your comments are really good, so more than ‘i agree’, it may bring you new friend requests coming in.
Take the time to read comments under the posts of your friends too. See a great comment? Reply tagging the one who made that comment. This might be the start of a long term relationship with the friend of a friend.

This doesn’t mean you should be on Facebook 24 hours a day. Just spend half an hour or an hour a day to scroll through your news feed, comment and like or love. Be careful not to make Facebook waste book.

Hack #3: Respond to comments on your own posts

Understanding the algorithm of Facebook helps. The more comments on your posts, the more often Facebook will show it in news feeds of your friends. So, if a friend comments, reply to that comment. Facebook now calculates it as 2 comments instead of 1.
Be consistent in that on posts that don’t have that much engagement yet.

Posts that get massive likes and comments, just reply to some of the comments, but ALWAYS reply and show your friends you notice the comments and appreciate them.

Another good thing to know is that posts with a picture are shown 39% more often than posts without a picture.
On weekdays the best time to post is between 1pm and 3pm.

Facebook still is a huge platform to grow your business by branding yourself, by building trust with people.
At the end of the day it all is about the customer’s perception, the customer’s experience. Make it a pleasant experience for them, so they will like you.