How do you define leadership?

How do you define leadership?

How do you define leadership?

An interesting question since there seem to be different interpretations going round.

What does Wikipedia say about it?

Leadership is both a research area and a practical skill encompassing the ability of an individual or organization to “lead” or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations.

In network marketing it often seems that anyone enrolling in a business opportunity calls himself a leader (this could be herself as well).

Now, I’ve been around for a while and I’ve seen true leaders who had very small organisations and I’ve seen poor leaders who recruited hundreds personally. But they had no  real duplication!

A true leader is a great teacher, I really believe that. A teacher who teaches his team how to teach will ensure infinite growth in his organisation. Teach them skills and teach them how to teach these skills to their sign ups.

You can have awesome recruiting skills but no teaching skills and as a result, will not have growth in your structure.
Duplication is a by-product of education, something my mentor taught me and I’ve embraced this as it has proven to be true by many top earners.

If you’ve personally enrolled hundreds of people, but over 95% don’t make any money, are you a successful leader then?
Or, if you’ve personally enrolled 10 and 5 of them are in the money, would thát be successful leadership?

I know, it is opposite from what many will preach: sign up 30 in your first 90 days. How fair a chance would you give any of these 30? You would be too busy recruiting to actually work with them and for them, too busy to help them make their first commissions… These 30 would basically be ‘on their own’.

Personally I do not believe in the front-loading behavior of these recruiters. It works in plain affiliate marketing, but it’s not what will get you a team  building teams that build teams without you having anything to do with it. It is not what will get you real residual income from your group in 18-24 months.

In fact it will force you to continue recruiting to make some money. How does that compare to the time freedom that is preached in this industry? Think of that…

I know I’ve been ridiculed, I’ve been… erm, well call it less loved *smile*, because I refused to participate in any 90 day program that would only focus on you enrolling as many new people as possible.
I refused to lie to my contacts: ‘Sorry, I’m off to an appointment in 2 minutes but I just had to call you quickly’… sounds familiar? I bet it does… honesty will always prevail, in real life but also in network marketing.

So give your sign ups a fair chance. Work with them, teach them the proper skills by showing them. Plan with them, execute with them, until they are capable and comfortable doing exactly the same themselves. That is when you are a true leader and will have true duplication.

It very often is said: ‘If you can’t do it, teach it’…and it makes me shake my head when I scroll through social media. I see so many branding themselves as a teaching successful marketer, while I know they are and flat broke and never have built something successfully.

Newsflash: you cannot teach what you don’t know and you cannot lead to where you haven’t been.

Choose your sponsor wisely, make sure he or she is a real leader and not just a recruiter.

Communication, a lost art

Communication, a lost art

Communication, a lost art. It really has become that.

We live in an era where people across the table even text each other. Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger…the number of messages sent on a daily basis worldwide is just insane!!

I really don’t like Whatsapp. The number of notifications of groups I’m in is driving me nuts so I tend to switch of notifications and very often don’t read at all.. until I decide to leave that group. If you have something you think I should know, talk to me. Messenger also offers the possibility to call me.

I already noticed this back in Corporate life: very often I told my team to put on their walking shoes and go TALK with a colleague in another department instead of sending emails. You’d be surprised how much more is getting done/ agreed on while having an actual conversation.

Network Marketing

In network marketing it very much is the same. Let’s take Facebook as an example:

Facebook is great to network, to connect…but in order to more effectively grow a business you’ll need to actually talk with people.

Very often people tell me they send XYZ the link because the person asked for it. Then stops responding any messages.
You could have avoided this by actually having talked to XYZ.
In a message people will ask you for your link just to be ‘done’ with you. They are sending you into the woods.

In a conversation there is no time for them to prepare a desired response and if your communication skills are right, you can make people tell you anything you’d like to know about them…their hopes, dreams. That is your starting point in getting to a call to action.
So get people on Skype or phone or even messenger asap if they live further away, otherwise go have a coffee with them and TALK, connect!

With the art of communication you will never have a sales call anymore, you will simply have genuine conversations with people. Conversations in which you’ll find out if and how you could be of service to them to help them get what they want.

Show and Tell

Too often I hear leaders say they message their new sign ups regularly but no one seems to do anything.
Duh…stop messaging, start talking, start planning their weeks with them, start actually working with them. Show and tell. That is the model I believe in. By show and tell you are actually teaching them to show and tell with the sign ups of their people.
By show and tell you’ll teach them the power of working TOGETHER instead of assigning tasks to people.

By show and tell you’ll learn the strengths and shortcomings of individual team mates and can connect people who could help each other develop in specific areas. It’s a system teaching people how to effectively build teams that build teams, without you having part in it.
It is a system giving true infinite duplication.

BUT, it requires real conversations, real skills. And the funny part is, it’s just a few skills with some variations on them.
It’s like having a backpack from which you can pull as you please. And by applying them you’ll get better and better…until you’ll master the fine art of having genuine conversations.

Understand before being understood

BIG point in conversations is that you’ll need to see to UNDERSTAND before being understood.
We have 2 ears and 1 mouth, yet far too often we’ll hear the network marketer do all the talking (often big self promotion, look at me, look at how good I am) instead of asking the right questions. When asking the right question it’s a matter of LISTENING to the answers and also hear what has not been said in words.
Also very important: make notes during the conversation. It does miracles for you in the future. It also gives you the opportunity at the end of the conversation to summarize and make sure you have understood your prospect correctly.
How powerful if you can give a person the feeling that you really listened and heared what he has been telling you?!
Again, it’s a lost art.

Be aware of it, look at yourself: are you texting or talking/ listening? Change if necessary.
Thank me later. 🙂

Love Or Fear

Love Or Fear

When observing people’s behavior, I can always see one of two emotions: it’s love or fear. Any other emotion is just a derivative of one of these.

Anger is an expression of fear.
Hate is an expression of fear.
Kindness is an expression of love.
Helping others is an expression of love.

Not too long ago when people were really rude to me, I felt like defending myself. That is behind me now though.

What really made a change was understanding that their behavior is just a reflection of the battle they are having with themselves. They simply chose to point it towards me. I have a choice to step in or walk away… well, not stepping in anymore.

I’ve been living fear based for many years in the past. Oh my, if I look back I just get why things happened to me. I simply manifested them by my thoughts of fear. Even the break up with the love of my life, it was my fear manifesting.

Personal development is such a powerful journey, it helps you to get rid of fear and make space for love. I’m not talking about the love between 2 people who want to grow old together, but love in general. Love for all people, love for yourself, the love for life itself.

And when we fill ourselves with love, gratitude comes natural. I find myself counting my blessings very, very often. Grateful for my children, grateful for my grand daughter to be (just 2 more months at the time of writing), grateful for the wonderful relationships with the life partners of my children. I’m extremely grateful for the house I live in, the people I work with, the experiences I am privileged to have… life is just one precious gift, one precious journey.

I hope to be around for at least 40 more years and I know, everything I’ve learned in the recent years will be so beneficial in getting most out of life. I feel it is my job to share these insights with others and am grateful (again!) that I just love to write.

This blog is such a wonderful platform to share my thoughts and insights with you. Some people may think life is just easy for me. Well, that may look like that right now, but trust me, I’ve been through hell and back on my way to get where I am right now.

The difference is that I finally figured out it is all about me and the thoughts I entertain. I try to keep negativity out of my life. Any challenge is an opportunity for growth and I just KNOW that no matter how big the challenge, I will get through it successfully. After all, I do have a 100% success track record on it…and so have you. 🙂

I choose love as my main emotion, I choose happiness as my gift to share. I choose to help people understand that it is vital to change their thinking in order to change their life. And I just love talking and writing about the topic.

Even with my kids there isn’t really one single time we are together, where we do not have beautiful deep conversations.

We have fun as well, make jokes, but there always is a deeper conversation. It is the best gift a parent could get from their children and I have the enormous blessing to have the very same relationship with their partners as well.

Love, it truly is the answer to everything.

So, in anything you might want to undertake, you always have a choice: you can act from love or from fear. Choose wisely!

With love,

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, Part 6 How To Identify Scams

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, Part 6 How To Identify Scams

If you’ve made the decision to get involved in cryptocurrencies you’ll start looking around on the internet and perhaps talk with people from your network to see if they are doing ‘something’ already.

Now, I realize not everyone is going to appreciate what I’m about to share in this blog post with you. It might very well put the business they are involved with in a negative light. It never is my intention to bash an opportunity or an individual. The only intention I have is to educate you, reader of this blog post and to help you avoid the pit falls of the legion of scammers out there.

Red Flags

What are red flags you should be alert on?

Hyping Opportunities 

If an opportunity is hyping it very often means that those marketing it are emphasizing big gains, perhaps even guaranteeing it. If the business concept has no real product involved, or no REAL MINING, it doesn’t matter what currency the opportunity is doing business in: USD, EUR, GBP or Bitcoin, the currency will not make it sustainable nor legitimate.

BS statements by marketers 

It is absolutely shocking to read statements made by many marketers. They simply lack proper knowledge and will use marketing mantras to get you blinded by earning potential. Having enormous amounts in a backoffice doesn’t mean a thing. I can have millions playing Monopoly, it doesn’t make me really wealthy does it?

What promoters are at the top? 

Look who are promoting it heavily and then look at their history. If they have a track record of being involved in scams, the odds are this is another. Get rick quick is what DOES attract these recruiters.

Pump and Dump Alt Coin Schemes 

There are many coins being offered that people are offered to buy into. Packages for absurd amounts in order to get so called tokens. Of course all of them claim to be better than Bitcoin. Some of them claim to have thousands of merchants ready to start accepting them. These are just claims, there is no real proof or documentation there really are.The coins have a value that is determined by the company. Mostly these coins can not be exchanged, or the schemes have their own exchange where there are enough sellers (people who look at thousands and thousands in their backoffice) but there are no buyers. Why would you want to buy coins that you cannot sell nor use.The potential success of any cryptocurrency is in the practical use of it. If there is no practical use, any value attached to it by the company mining it (rarely it’s an open source decentralized blockchain) is wishful thinking and fairy tales.The fact a coin is showing on isn’t proof of it’s future success at all. Many think it is, but they are wrong/ misinformed.

There is a lot more to doing due diligence on online business opportunities, but for cryptocurrency schemes, the ones mentioned above will already help you eliminate the majority of scams.

Now a very important question:

How to identify whether a cloud mining or alleged real mining company is trustworthy?

Unfortunately, there are mining offers available that are scams. Hash Ocean has been a sad example: Millions have been collected and the site and company simply vanished. You don’t want that to happen to your money.

If you start mining you aim to mine real coins, whether that’s bitcoin or an alt coin. Do NOT buy into any hype. Hype is the biggest pitfall for the uneducated masses, who easily get blinded by dollar signs and tend to ignore the red flags waving into their face!

Very often the website that is being used has a hidden identity of the owner. When asked for proof of existence, you’ll get pictures that are simply taken from the internet. Any mining company offering fixed mining results (like 10% per month), that’s a HUGE red flag, since there are no fixed results in mining.

There are cloud mining opportunities that conveniently abuse the name of a real mining farm: they use a derivative of the real mining farm’s name, add a letter or something to give the IMPRESSION it all is real. You will find out when your money is gone, no coins are in your possession and the site has gone black. Or, another convenient untruth, a site owner will communicate it has been hacked.
Either way, the money or bitcoins you have put in that specific mining company is simply gone.

Many will claim to offer cloud mining, but there is no real mining involved. So be very careful when choosing whom to trust and where to pay your money or bitcoins to. Reliable companies will proudly show who they are, proudly show pictures and videos taken on site and preferably have some members visit the mining facility. No real mining company will publish the exact location of their mining facility because of security reasons, this makes perfect sense.

Well, this brings this series to an end.

I hope you’ve found it useful and has helped you understand the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and how it can have a huge impact on life as we know it in the coming years and probably decades.

Sign up for the newsletter on this website. We’ll be announcing and launching a Cryptucation course in the coming weeks. A very important part there will also be how to protect and store your mined coins safely. Many have insufficient security and will one day find the coins they had on their smart phone have disappeared. Learn how to minimize the risks and benefit from a trend that is bigger than many realize today.

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Part 2, Blockchain
Part 3, Bitcoin
Part 4, Altcoins
Part 5, Mining

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, Part 5 Mining

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, Part 5 Mining

In this part we’ll talk about mining of cryptocurrencies. I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible (again, my 82 year Mom should be able to understand it).

For the sake of simplicity, let’s focus on mining of bitcoins.

Bitcoin mining is the process of adding transaction records to Bitcoin’s public ledger of past transactions or blockchain. This ledger of past transactions is called the block chain as it is a chain of blocks. The block chain serves to confirm transactions to the rest of the network as having taken place. Mining is increasing the security of the network.

The list of blocks in the blockchain gets longer and longer and holds all transactions that ever took place.

When a block of transactions is created, miners start a process. They apply a mathematical formula to the information in the block. By doing that they turn it into something else: a sequence of letters and numbers known as a hash. This hash is stored along with the block, at the end of the blockchain at that point in time.

Hashes have some specific properties. It’s not hard to produce a hash from a collection of data like a bitcoin block, but it’s practically impossible to work back to what the data was just by looking at the hash. It may be very easy to produce a hash from a large amount of data, each hash is in fact unique. If you’d change just one single character in a bitcoin block, its hash will definitely change.

Miners don’t use only the transactions in a block to generate a hash, but also another piece of data: the hash of the last block in the blockchain, prior to the one they are mining right now.

It is because each block’s hash is produced using the hash of the previous block, it becomes a digital version of something we can compare with a wax seal. It confirms that this block – and every block after it – is legitimate and unique, because if you tampered with it, everyone would know.

Every time a block successfully is hashed, a reward of 12.5 coins is given. All miners compete to complete a block and get that reward.

Completion of a block and creating the hash isn’t very difficult. With all computer technology theoretically everyone would be able to complete a block in a very short period of time. Intentionally the protocol used to mine bitcoins adds a difficulty to it, which is called proof-of-work.

The bitcoin protocol will not just accept any old hash. It requires a block to have certain specifics. It must have a certain number of zeros at the start. It is impossible to know what a hash is going to look like until you produce it, and as soon as you include a new piece of data in the mix, the hash will be entirely different.

Miners aren’t supposed to mess up the transaction data in a block. However, they must change the data they’re using to create a different hash. They do this using another random piece of data called a ‘nonce’. This nonce is used with the transaction data to come up with a hash. If the hash doesn’t fit the required format, the nonce must be changed, and the hashing is restarted. It can take many attempts to find a nonce that works, and all the miners in the network are trying to do it at the same time. That’s how miners earn their bitcoins.

In the early phase of bitcoins many would start mining at home, using their own hardware and were profitable. But hardware has changed, technology has advanced and with advanced technology electricity required to mine has heavily increased.

It is for this reason that mining at home isn’t profitable any more and that has opened the opportunity for mining farms, cloud mining etc. The combined high volume of hash rate makes bitcoin more favorable, especially when costs of electricity can be kept low or at least in control.

If we’d look around on the worldwide web, we can find numerous mining companies offering their capacity for individuals. How tempting the offers may sound, unfortunately there are a lot of scams, opportunities who claim to offer mining, but no real mining is being done at all.

In the next episode of this series I’ll share with you how to identify scams yourself, so from there on you’d not only have a better understanding of blockchain, bitcoin/altcoins and mining, but also can make more educated decisions.