Your Business Starts With You

Your Business Starts With You


Your business starts with you:
Once you join a business opportunity, you run a business: YOUR business.

It would be the perfect scenario if you’d have a sponsor who would start working
with you within 24 hours after enrolling.

In my opinion and my method of operations, that is what will happen.

In reality though, many people are left on their own. They will, if they
are lucky, only get a message or a call from their sponsor when no sign ups are made.

Many people drop out for the simple reason they have met rejections from
their friends and family and feel they are not supported by the team and
particularly their sponsor.

However, there also are people who simply start moving, start learning.
Absorbing all information available by clicking on each and every link on
a website, reading through FAQs, attending webinars and Q&A calls.
They ignore their own sponsor for the simple reason they realize that
everything starts with themselves.

It all starts with you

Your business starts with you. Not with your sponsor. If your sponsor
doesn’t contact you, reach out to their sponsor and upwards until you
find someone who is willing to mentor you. Or find yourself a mentor
in another industry.

Let’s assume you’ve joined a legit company. Good real product (can be digital too),
integrity in place, it’s all there. Then YOU have the obligation to put in
the time to improve your skills. And how do you improve? By simply doing
and then evaluate your actions afterwards. What went wrong, what could
you’ve done differently with perhaps a better result? Then the next time
you’ll do it again, do it differently. Until you realize what you are
doing is working. Keep doing it then.

If you are not getting results, don’t blame the company, don’t blame
your sponsor but take full responsibility for it yourself.

Communication goes two ways

Very often I hear ‘But I wasn’t told that’.
Hey, you run your own business and you shouldn’t assume information
always comes top down. Many people don’t read emails that are sent
from the company, many don’t read along in Facebook groups where
your leadership is communicating with everyone to inform, help and
inspire you.

If you have a question and can’t find the answer – I mean you first
go research all available resources – then ask your question in a
Facebook group, your sponsor, their sponsor…always move up the line.
Make them work for the money you will be making them. If communication
doesn’t come your way, go out to get the answers. That is what leaders do.

Once you realize that your business starts with you, you will understand
that it is about you making sure you are the authority, you having the
answers, you having faith in what you are doing, you accepting no other
outcome than success in your business, you picking up the phone to talk
with people. You OWNING your business and give it all you’ve got.

Never allow anyone but yourself to determine the
growth of YOUR business!

Success And Purpose

Success And Purpose

What is Success?

1. The accomplishment of an aim or purpose
“the president had some success in restoring confidence”
synonyms: favorable outcome, successfulness, favorable result,
successful outcome, positive result, victory, triumph

2. Archaic
the good or bad outcome of an undertaking
“the good or ill success of their maritime enterprises”
For this article I’ll use the first explanation, the first definition.

Aim or Purpose

Aim or purpose is rather subjective.
What is a success for one might be a failure for another.

Recently, I spoke with a young lady about what her purpose in life would be.
Her reply was to be the perfect housewife, with the house all tidy and clean,
kids clean and bathed when hubby would come home.

Personally that wouldn’t be my ultimate goal in life, but for her it is and
I appreciate that at least she knows what it is she wants from life.

Each individual has his/her own aim or purpose and it is utterly useless to judge it.
Yours is the only one you should be concerned about, at least get it clear,
know what your purpose is!

Aiming for money

All too often we’ll see people aiming to hit a target money wise, like
making $10k per month.

Once that number is reached, they still don’t feel quite happy, so the
number is increased.

It is a sad given fact, that aiming for money and reaching that goal
will not bring the happiness of succeeding into your life.

We all know people who seem to have it all, yet are heavily depressed.
Nice partner, beautiful house, making big money, perfect kids,
still heavily depressed.

Money will not give you fulfillment, living your purpose will.

What purpose?

That varies for each individual. Some will have a purpose to have a
stable with horses, others to have their own foundation to help a
specific group of people. Again others have a purpose to teach.
It is something you will have to find within yourself, deep down.
It is something you can only find if you are willing to ignore other
people’s opinions.

I’ve found my purpose through a life altering course that is given
only twice per year. You can find some more information on that
on this website, just look under MasterKey Experience in the navigation bar.

No right or wrong

There is no right or wrong. Your purpose is your purpose and you don’t
need any approval from anyone to live it.

As long as it is authentic and truly what you want from life, you will
find happiness living it, you will consider yourself successful once living it.

Give More, Get More

Whatever it is you want from life, you will have to become aware of it first,
then start giving it to others. It is one of the universal laws we need to
give in order to receive. Those who get that and apply it are rewarded in abundance.

At your service

This website is for you, The Dutchess is at your service:
to help you create the life you want, offering insights, inspiration and
access to courses that may change your life for the better like mine has changed
into a life I love living.

Feel free to share with anyone whom you might think will find it interesting or
who are living a life of quiet desperation. You and they too, deserve to be happy,
deserve to find your purpose and be successful in living it.